At HM Legal we carry out a financial review for every client at every Will consultation. This allows us to look at your entire estate and how it is likely to affect where and how you leave it to beneficiaries.

Personal Estate Planning is a vital element in order that we see the full picture and can then advise clients accordingly. Our Associate Independent Financial Advisors (IFA’s) have extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with all relevant aspects of your personal financial portfolio and will advise you on the following areas as and when it becomes necessary.

Why Plan Ahead? You’ll understand how complicated arranging a funeral can be if you’ve ever had to organise one. There are some delicate matters to consider and difficult decisions to be made. These are matters that you won’t want to leave for your family to deal with, so let us help you decide now. We’ll discuss the costs, too – we want you to be reassured that everything will be covered.

Plan for your Funeral – One of the advantages of a pre-paid funeral plan over a traditional insurance policy or savings account is that you pay at today’s prices. It’s comforting to know that whenever in the future it is needed, the cost of your funeral will be met and won’t be a worry for your relatives. We have identified the most common variations in funeral requirements, and encompassed the detail into a variety of all-inclusive Plans.

Financial Planning
An advantage

Organise your estate

Calculating your total estate and having us draw up a plan on how to distribute this to your heirs.

An advantage

Funeral Costs

Bought now at today’s prices, the Funeral cost’s are guaranteed. You will pay the prices at that time.

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