‘Probate’ is a term commonly used when talking about applying for the right to deal with a deceased person’s affairs. It’s sometimes called ‘administering the estate’. The attached PDF link contains information about what to expect if a loved one’s estate is in probate. In practice, different terms are used, depending on whether or not the deceased person left a will and where they lived. This information covers probate in England and Wales.

Professional probate practitioners are often required to ensure thorough smooth and legal processing of the estate:
HM Legal offer a professional Probate and Executor Support Service. We can assist with the complete probate process from beginning to end, starting with an initial executor support meeting followed by the step by step legal administration of the estate, culminating in the handover of the signed off estate to the executors and ultimately to the beneficiaries.

When a person dies, the estate may or may not require a grant of probate:
The amount of work required in administering an estate through probate can be huge. It is very time consuming, can be confusing, long winded and requires substantial paperwork to be completed. Along with the obvious distress and upset which naturally ensues, this can prove to be overwhelming for many, in particular close family.

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